Holidays for Passionate Gardeners


We are avid gardeners, Jenny has a hairdressing background, Tom’s is in design and pottery… we are creative people. Tom plays with shapes and structure while Jenny employs a painterly approach to planting combinations and loves cut flowers.

We have been developing the garden at the Laundry since 2009, nothing remains of any original planting or planting plans so we started from scratch. Our progress has been documented in Jennys blog. Our garden is at an exciting stage, with many years of planning, planting and much clipping ahead of us!

We invite you to share it all with us, both by visiting and by following.

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We have approximately 3 acres of gorgeous garden surrounding our home. A year before we renovated our house, we began working on this area. The garden that we inherited was tired and, in came the JCB, and we started from scratch. It is still very much a work in progress.

Having walls around us is a bonus, both in terms of instant structure and protection and privacy.

Our guests are encouraged to feel at home within all of the garden and enjoy what the seasons have to offer with us, from snowdrops in February through to full summer borders and late season interest.

We offer free garden tours for guests to enjoy what we have created, and what we are planning to create.

feel at home & enjoy the seasons