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Late in 2016, we came across Rotunda Roundhouses and we were hooked.

The rotunda Roundhouse is a circular pre-fabricated timber framed eco-building. Our Roundhouses will be very special, cleverly designed, luxury Glamping units which very much pay homage to the roundhouse tradition.

Rotunda {noun}

A round building, especially one with a dome

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We have been planning a couples retreat which is essentially luxury accommodation in a glamping style.

Late in 2016 we came across Rotunda roundhouses and we were hooked. These are very special, cleverly designed, wooden accommodation units, which very much pay homage to the roundhouse tradition. The first Roundhouse is scheduled to be ready for booking by late August 2019.

Set in the beautiful vale of Clwyd, with staggering views of the Clwydian range (AONB), This unique roundhouse takes full advantage of its exceptional location.

The predominantly east facing views enable you to watch the sun rise over the picturesque panorama. This will be the first scheme of its kind in North Wales.

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Pictures courtesy of Rotunda Roundhouses Ltd and are representative of the structural design and finish that we shall have. Our Roundhouses will be individually designed and the interior will differ from that shown here.