Unique places to stay with a view

Warm, light and airy, with a glass panorama..the Vale spreads before you half hidden by morning mist.

The Vista stretches long and wide, with light fringed clouds roaming its length. The hills roll like distant grey waves, lit by this shimmering incandescence. Distant cut-outs of gentle upheaval frame blurry arboreal shapes and green carpets roll to the door.

Peace and romance infuse the landscape. It’s there to share, but this cosy viewpoint calls you back, Lighthouse, Pillbox, Roundhouse of wood, transported and aligned to where it now stood.

Set within their own landscaped space, each roundhouse is perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the view. Large, extra height windows allow plenty of natural light to fill the roundhouse, while privacy is maintained with a densely planted screening.

The Clwydian range, an Area of outstanding natural beauty, stretches out before you.  This is a rural retreat, with very little light pollution; so we also benefit from exceptionally clear skies, for you stargazers!